Cosmic Break is shutting down in Japan and relaunching everywhere as Cosmic Break Universal

Robot titty. Robitty.

So Cosmic Break is a game you may never have heard of, but it has definitely kept itself going for a while. Really. The game launched in Japan in 2008 and is still running now. It launched in North America back in 2010, but that version shut down… in 2019, meaning that it definitely had legs everywhere. It’s a third-person online shooter in which you play as a robot (or a cute anime girl in robot-themed lingerie that the game insists is still a robot), so you can probably see where the appeal comes from. And it is finally shutting down in Japan… but only so it can come back with a worldwide relaunch as Cosmic Break Universal on Steam.

The stated reason for the shutdown is that while the game definitely had its fans, the designers are well aware that the endgame has become an unbalanced mess and there’s a huge disparity between players. Thus, the goal is to break the game back down to its fundamental appeal, place everyone on an equal playing field, and bring everyone into the game on Steam at some point in 2020. And yes, that means another North American launch. Player questions are being answered on the official relaunch Twitter, or you can check out an overview of the version differences.

Source: Twitter, Gematsu
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