Unions in Europe call on Blizzard employees in France to strike against the closure of the Versailles office

Last week we had reported the unfortunate news that Blizzard would be shutting down an office in Versailles, France, displacing 285 employees who handled...

Red Dead Online players protest content drought by dressing up like clowns

In what is probably both the most wholesome and strangest protest in recent memory, the players of Red Dead Online have banded together to...

Massive Black Desert nerfs prompt tamer players to action through a letter writing campaign

As we've previously covered, Black Desert was updated with the PvP changed originally touted during the Heidel Ball last month. Tamer players (including me)...

Nexon Korea employees stage a protest to stop restructuring and call for job security

In late August, we reported on plans for Nexon's union members to protest against efforts to restructure the company and demand assurances that their...

Riot Games developers did indeed walk out in protest last night over the ongoing labor and lawsuit fiasco

On Friday, we reported that Riot Games' latest efforts to stave off a walkout at the popular League of Legends company were likely to...

Pretty sure soccer fans hate esports even more than you do

Still think esports isn't really a sport at all? Then you're gonna love what some Swiss fans did at a soccer game this weekend. Superfans...

Bare shoulders mark a spreading World of Warcraft protest

If Blizzard was looking to manipulate the World of Warcraft community into caring about this MMO prior to the expansion launch later this month,...

Black Desert prepares to switch service providers for better service

Graphics and music aren't the only aspects of Black Desert that are getting an upgrade -- the team announced that it will be switching...

Reddit CEO apologizes for mistakes and poor communication

The fallout from last week's Reddit-wide protest (which spilled over into several MMO subreddits) over a fired employee and high friction between the company...

Reddit protest sees /r/gaming lock its doors

Remember when you were in your first raiding guild, and it was nothing but drama from start to finish on your guild forums because no...