Massive Black Desert nerfs prompt tamer players to action through a letter writing campaign


As we’ve previously covered, Black Desert was updated with the PvP changed originally touted during the Heidel Ball last month. Tamer players (including me) were not happy seeing a whopping 12.5% decrease in their damage, and the uproar has been loud indeed.

In fact, it’s prompted the leaders of the Tamer Discord (yes, this exists) to set up a campaign to agitate that Pearl Abyss roll it all back. They’re encouraging all BDO players, Tamer mains or not, to send a letter via the game’s support ticket system, which we have to say is one of the more benign ways players could be going about a protest here. The main goal isn’t to yell “fix Tamer!” as loudly as possible but rather to create a dialogue between the game developers and playerbase.

One of the key promises Pearl Abyss made during the recent Heidel Ball event was that players will have more voice regarding balance changes. Apparently, this’ll be the community’s first big opportunity to test whether the developers will make good on this promise and start the dialogue.

Players interested in joining the letter-writing campaign can hop on the tamer discord and use the ticket template provided.

Source: Discord
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