Elder Scrolls Online players stage in-game peace walks through Cyrodiil in support of Ukraine


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been all over news feeds and social media for the past week, and while many people are understandably seeking refuge in their MMORPGs and multiplayer games of choice, members of the Elder Scrolls Online community have taken the moment to offer their support for Ukraine and protest the war by way of peaceful walks through the otherwise war-filled PvP battleground of Cyrodiil.

The community event was first mentioned this past Saturday as a way for ESO players to “raise [their] voices against war and speak out for peace.” The following day, peace marches began, with the #ESOFamAgainstWar hashtag making the rounds on Twitter as it showcased several server communities across the EU region ceasing hostilities against one another and peacefully marching through Cyrodiil and other areas. Players have also put together a gallery on Reddit and shared video footage on YouTube, with one such video waiting after the break. So there you go: If you can’t get to a march in real life, try one in an MMO.

sources: Twitter, Reddit
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