WWII MMO players Foxhole stage in-game labor strike over virtual manufacturing issues


One of the factors that makes Foxhole stand out in the field of World War II games is that it allows players to be part of the manufacturing and supply process of the conflict (in addition to, you know, fighting in it). And it’s this exact factor that players are exploiting to enact change in the game’s development.

A group of 1,800 players have agreed to go on virtual strike until developers address some core problems with the title. Through this strike, players are bringing the war to a grinding halt. After all, if nobody’s making the tanks, nobody can be fielding them, eh?

The striking group cited 11 issues that it would like addressed from the manufacturing process. Additionally, it seems irked that snowstorms sometimes happen “on the first day of a war.”

“We have no desire to disrupt the balance of the game, nor do we intend to make the game less engaging or fun for anyone,” the player group said. “Our goals are forging a healthy dialogue between the developers and our community, increased player retention, and an improved gameplay experience.”

If this is the first time that Foxhole has come to your attention, may we direct you to Sam’s Fite or Kite column that talks about this unique title?

Source: LOGI, NME via MMO Fallout
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