SAG-AFTRA members overwhelmingly vote in favor of a video game voice actors strike

Over the past few months, Hollywood has been ground to a halt as voice actors and screenwriters hit the picket lines to fight against...

SAG-AFTRA union prepares for a second strike over video gaming’s use of AI and low wages

The SAG-AFTRA union has already stood up to TV and film companies with no apparent resolution in sight, and now it looks as if...

Riot Games and pro League of Legends esports players reach compromise to end strike

At the end of May, we covered a disturbance in the Riot Games League of Legends esports community: Riot had slashed the North American...
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Riot Games and League of Legends esports pros lock horns over fate of North American league

Following Riot Games' announcement of its plan to reduce the North American Challenger's League for League of Legends esports down to only seven teams...
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Massively on the Go: It’s Pokemon NO time again for Pokemon Go players

Niantic is the master of drip information, and most of it is both poor and incomplete, which is why we relegate most Pokemon GO news...

Ubisoft’s CEO apologizes for responsibility dodge but fails to mollify strikers

Yesterday, we reported on the impending Ubisoft Paris worker strike and associated demands for better compensation and reduced work hours, provoked by CEO Yvrs...

Ubisoft Paris will strike on January 27 following CEO’s responsibility-shifting

If Ubisoft thought that slashing more games, delaying others (like Skull & Bones), and promising "increased cautiousness over the coming years" would stave off...
Paws for impact.

MMO Business Roundup: Unionbusting, Kakao, sportswashing, DDOS attacks, plagiarism, and PUBG

Welcome back to another roundup of MMO- and MMO-adjacent industry news. I'm sorry. Raven Software: The internal Activision studio that saw first a strike and...

Activision’s Raven Software workers end strike pending official recognition of its union

The strike from ActiBlizz's Raven Software, which was kicked off when QA workers were facing surprise firings before the holidays after being told some...

WWII MMO players Foxhole stage in-game labor strike over virtual manufacturing issues

One of the factors that makes Foxhole stand out in the field of World War II games is that it allows players to be...
We're doing great, promise.

Raven Software strike extends to its third week as Activision-Blizzard claims management is listening

January 3rd marked the third week during which the staff for Raven Software (responsible for several Call of Duty titles including Call of Duty: Warzone) was...

MMO biz roundup: The voice actor strike, e-sports crime, CCP VR, Crowfall, and new acquisitions for Tencent, EA, and Nexon

Let's end the week talking about money. What could go wrong? The year-long video game voice actor strike is finally fully over, as more...

Make My MMO: Crowfall adds geomancy and architecture skills (April 29, 2017)

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Crowfall canceled its weekend playtest, but not before issuing a dev blog updating the community on some of the crafting changes...

Elite Dangerous’ community tool developers have gone on strike

Update: The strike has ended -- see the end of the post for details. Move over, voice actors guild: Elite Dangerous gamers are going on...

Video game voice actor strike continues, union claims it could aid developers

You might not realize this, but the voice actor strike that started last October is still ongoing in 2017. Video game voice actors have been...

Voice actors union pickets WB Games, disputes game studio claims

Members of the voice actors guild striking against the top echelon of video game companies are today picketing outside WB Games in Burbank, California. Since...

Game companies launch countermeasures against striking voice actor union with website

A coalition of companies targeted by the voice actor strike ongoing since earlier this month have created a website to argue their point of...

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite voice acting in an MMORPG?

The SAG-AFTRA's voice actor strike last week has created a lot of discussion in our comments and elsewhere about the value of voice acting...
No one weekend should have all that power.

The video game voice actor strike is on

The strike that U.S. screen actors guild SAG-AFTRA was threatening against video game studios will be going forward as planned, with the strike starting just after...