Final Fantasy XIV details the rewards from its clown-filled Halloween event for January

Kan-E-Senna is a lush.

We’ve never been given an explanation for why, exactly, Final Fantasy XIV has delayed its Halloween event this year until… well, very shortly now. The event kicks off on January 20th, which is just weird. But hey, if you want to dress up like a clown, the event has you covered, as revealed in the latest official blog entry previewing all of the various rewards you can get from the event. Yes, that includes the clown outfit and clown facepaint, if you feel the need to really get down as a clown.

Beyond clown-related things and housing decorations, players will also have not one but two spooky dungeons to explore for this particular event. The Haunted Manor comes back once again, complete with the ability to be turned into a doppelganger of existing NPCs, but players will also be exploring the Phantoms’ Feast as another macabre experience. Check out the full preview if you just can’t wait for the spookiest season of all, which is apparently also the middle of January.

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