Book of Travels shares some thoughts on in-development permadeath mechanics


We’ve seen the matter of permadeath in Book of Travels raised a few times in our very own comments section, and even though permadeath has been turned off during early access, there’s still reason for players to harbor that concern. If that sounds like you, then the latest dev blog from Might & Delight should be of interest, as it outlines the devs’ vision for death mechanics going forward.

The plan for death mechanics will still center around life petals and characters physically dying and becoming ghosts. That said, other layers are in the works, including a quest that focuses on mourning and closure for those who witness a character dying, letting ghost characters gather their items from their grave, and letting ghosts roam the world and interact with other ghosts. There’s also a hint that a special quest can be found that lets dead characters resurrect themselves.

“We believe that dying is an essential ingredient in the Book of Travels soup,” the post explains. “We don’t want to fall into the trap of trivializing dangers and risk, removing the edge from gameplay moments such as combat and survival.”

source: Steam
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