Red Dead Online’s shabby first update of 2022 sparks community movement to save the game


At the end of last week, Red Dead Online kicked out an update that ended up being nothing more than a series of boosts to existing content, urging players to take part in Land of Opportunities missions, Featured Series activities, and Gang Hideout content for extra RDO$ and XP, with nothing new added to the game in terms of content or even cash shop items.

For context, the game’s last major update was last July, and the game’s devs have gone on record as saying they want the game to feel like a “second life.”

The low-effort update has since sparked a small maelstrom of online outrage from players, with the #SaveRedDeadOnline hashtag being used across Twitter to try to draw Rockstar’s attention at fan displeasure with the state of game updates. The hashtag was among the trending topics for three days. This marks yet another online protest about the treatment of RDO from the developer; readers will recall fans of the game had dressed themselves up as clowns in another online protest.

As of this writing, the hashtag is still seeing plenty of use and is even being used by GTAO players, which is arguably Rockstar’s biggest cash cow. As for why fans of RDO aren’t taking the studio’s presumed lead and moving on, one tweet puts it pretty succinctly: “It’s because we know the game has potential, we know Rockstar can and should do better. If everyone moves on, then there’s no hope for RDO and little hope for the RDR series.”

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