Torchlight Infinite skyrockets to its best numbers in over a year thanks to its Whispering Mist season


It may prove to be a momentary blip in the scheme of things, but a resurgence of interest in Torchlight Infinite has returned this ARPG back into the spotlight this month. After dwindling with a daily high of a few hundred players for a while now, Steam records that Torchlight Infinite’s population rose to a peak of 9,801 this past week — and that doesn’t include other platforms (such as mobile) on which the game operates.

This uptick comes as XD Games rolled out the latest season for the ARPG called Whispering Mist: “Players will step into the mists, exploring previously undiscovered areas, laying their hands on unique power-ups and accepting challenges to earn incredible rewards — if they’re brave enough to face what lurks at the edge of sight.”

As part of the season, players will explore a mysterious (misterious?) town called Mistville, use detective skills to solve a secret, climb the Clock Tower, fight through the new Divine Might trials endgame mode, and unlock Cateye Erika’s latest hero trait: lightning shadow.

Players can all grab a free bundle of goodies for the game’s first anniversary that includes a back accessory and a SSR battle Pactspirit.

Source: Steam Charts, press release
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