Cliff Bleszinski states he’s never making another game

Who Mourns For Self-Declared Adonis?

If you had been hoping to see what Cliff Bleszinski (Cliffy B to those who don’t like typing out surnames) was going to do next in the game industry, the bad news is that he appears to be done completely. Last week, a new Twitter account expressed anger at him for not refunding the money players had spent on LawBreakers, to which he responded that he had paid his employees a great deal of money after the studio folded and this is why he’s never making another game.

When asked for further clarification by, Bleszinski simply stated outright, “I’m done.” For those of you with short memories, LawBreakers launched in 2017 and struggled to attract a stable and paying audience despite being a buy-to-play title; Bleszinski’s studio tried to recover by putting the title into maintenance and announcing a new battle royale game, Radical Heights, which quickly folded along with the studio itself.

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