Boss Key shutters after Radical Heights, LawBreakers fizzle

Oh look.

Boss Key is closing down following the struggles of LawBreakers and Radical Heights, though the latter will apparently remain playable for now. Cliff Bleszinski broke the news on Twitter.

LawBreakers, the Nexon/Boss Key collab shooter, launched last summer after a lengthy development period that saw at least one reboot of the game’s mechanics. The in-your-face marketing for the game (remember the #skilledaf hashtag they tried to get going?) didn’t go over with gamers, who at the time were infatuated with the booming PUBG. The game’s concurrency numbers were tiny, and when press covered that, CliffyB famously said that “as far as [he was] concerned, [the press] can fuck off.” By December, half of the team had left the studio, including one of its co-founders, and Nexon indicated by January that it had effectively written off the game as a loss.

And then in April, Boss Key had conceded defeat, saying that it was moving on to other projects and hinting that it was working on a passion project, which turned out to be a Running Man-esque battle royale game called Radical Heights. It, too, stumbled into early access with low numbers and fresh claims from CliffyB that Epic Games was poaching his staff. The game’s last big update was less than two weeks ago, and now, that might just be its last.

Source: Twitter
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