Radical Heights patches in a new scanner and new customization


Where are your enemies in Radical Heights? Considering the fact that it’s a battle royale game, they’re everywhere. But the latest patch adds in a new scanner device that should still be useful; even if everyone is your enemy, it’s good to know if anyone is nearby and whether or not people are approaching you or chasing someone else. You can make a tactical decision about avoiding or engaging, after all.

The patch also adds a number of new cosmetic options for players, along with a plethora of bug fixes and performance improvements. The game’s player numbers have still been flagging from its initial heights at launch, so it remains to be seen if these tweaks and improvements help draw a greater playerbase to the game. But if your main reason for not playing was the lack of enemy radar, you’ll be very lucky!

Source: Steam page; thanks to Sorenthaz for the tip!

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Flounder away, Radical Heights. Flounder away!


I mean, pretty much all three of the BR games that exploded into popularity all had rocky starts. Fortnite for example didn’t really get huge until February? So roughly 3-4 months after its BR mode was first out. PUBG also took awhile to explode, and H1Z1 was also rocky as hell but still managed to be one of the top selling games on Steam for a long while.

Radical Heights probably won’t be exploding, but you never know what it’ll look like in a few months. I know it’s popular to hate on Cliff Bleszinski around here but fwiw Radical Heights is rather refreshing to see since the other BRs take themselves too seriously.

Nick // Genghis

I’ve put about 15 hours in, and it’s the most enjoyable of the three for me personally. It’s free, it’s got decent gunplay which feels similar to Lawbreakers guns and crispness (as opposed to PUBG where the netcode is frustrating and Fortnite where the building is a constant disruption for me), and the game runs relatively well for most people. Idk, it’s definitely rough, but it’s got some novel ideas that if they keep working on it, I don’t see why it would implode like uhh… LB for instance lol


Looks a lot like the PKE meter from The Real Ghostbusters cartoon.

Alex Hyer

That and the movie, yeah, its a Ghost Busters reference.

Bryan Correll

That was my first thought on seeing the header.