Boss Key mostly gives up on Lawbreakers, moves on to ‘passion project’

I Am Jack's Total Lack of Surprise

Long after players had tried and moved on from the gravity-defying Lawbreakers, its studio has conceded defeat.

Boss Key Productions put out a statement today saying that the game was not able to draw and retain much of an audience, was generating no money, and was not worth the resources to switch it over to free-to-play. And while the studio said that it was moving on to other projects, it did hint that it was working on something to give Lawbreakers “the second life it deserves.”

“Between now and then, we cannot sit idle,” Boss Key said. “We will continue to support the game in its current state, but we also need to focus on other projects with fresh creative leaders. We have been working on something new and we can’t wait to share more about it! It’s a passion project that we’re in complete control of.”

Lawbreakers had an incredibly rough launch and live operation last fall, with populations diving into the double-digits, its creator picking a fight with the press, half of the team leaving the studio, and revenue proving to be an embarrassment for Nexon.

Source: Reddit. Thanks Danny!
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