Boss Key owner Cliff Bleszinski claims that Epic Games is poaching his staff

Oh look.

If Radical Heights is not a success, it’s the fault of Epic Games, according to Cliff Bleszinski. The head of Boss Key Studios recently tweeted out an accusation that Epic Games (creator of Fortnite and the Unreal engine, among other things) is trying to poach some of his staff, which comes a few months after the co-founder of Boss Key Studios left to join Epic on a heretofore unannounced project. He went on to state that there are still more things to be done in the battle royale genre, but they may remain unseen based on this employee poaching.

Epic has remained mum on the accusations of poaching employees, so it’s hard to be sure whether it’s actually happening or not. One might also want to look at the game’s numbers and its overall playerbase figures following its surprise reveal and early access launch and take that into account as part of this narrative, as well.

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Ken from Chicago

Last I checked the 13th Amendment ended slavery. No employee is “owned” by a company. You have the right to quit a job if you want. Also, a company can’t forcibly hire someone. Maybe look at why said employees are leaving–and offer them something better to stay.


Epic should have anti poaching written into their contracts with their licensees for Unreal Engine. Otherwise, that’s a serious risk for smaller developers in my view.

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Ken from Chicago

That’s literally illegal. Adobe, Apple, Google and Intel got into trouble having unwritten agreements not to offer jobs to the other’s employees.


Also for the record of the kind of stuff Epic has done (or hasn’t done), Fortnite account information was compromised sometime back in March and Epic didn’t send out any sort of email warnings or anything. They made a post here, but that’s it.

Only account names/emails seem to have been affected but these hackers have obviously been able to brute-force their way into accounts to start soaking up credit card charges and whatnot. Epic has been slow to respond to people who have been dealing with this crap, and even I got email notifications saying that people tried to (unsuccessfully) brute-force their way into my account which temporarily locked my account for a short period.

So Epic kept quiet about this because they didn’t want bad press hitting them during their explosive growth. Amidst that and how they poorly handled the PvE side, rushed a BR mode out to be the first F2P BR (esp. on consoles) while PUBG is using the Unreal engine, and in general just seem to be chasing after quick bucks (not even going to touch on the topic of Paragon)… it’s petulant to be hammering on Cliff when his claims could certainly be true given Epic’s shady and questionable actions.


I mean it wouldn’t really be surprising. Epic has been pretty dang scummy from how they’ve been handling everything that isn’t Fortnite BR, and Fortnite BR was largely pushed out to grab as much of the BR pie as they could before PUBG got to consoles. It’s also questionable in general how it exploded with such popularity, and Epic has been sponsoring a lot of Youtubers and making some pretty dumb decisions to try and water down the gameplay to make the quick buck by appealing to as many kids/casual players as possible (by punishing/killing the ability for higher skill tricks).

I think it’s pretty obvious that Epic hit lightning in a bottle and are desperate now to try and keep a hold of it since Battle Royale stuff has so far proven to be stupidly volatile and unpredictable in how long its popularity lasts (H1Z1 and PUBG both exploded for months and then died down just as fast).

Radical Heights meanwhile does look promising as hell and I hope that Boss Key can flesh it out and make it into the game it deserves to be.

Wait, shit. It’s more popular to jump on the Cliffy B hate train instead. Whoops.


This guy Cliffy B is such a joke. And so are his last two games.

Dug From The Earth

It was laughable at first… now its just sad.

Like seeing roadkill… that isnt dead.

Bruno Brito

I’m sure they’re happy where it’s going, Cliff.

It’s going to a better place with better paychecks and jobs.

Since you like Radical Heights so much, try mountain climbing. This isn’t for you.

A Dad Supreme

I hope Cliffy B is alright.

Usually his string of actions, statements and finger-pointing over the last few years are the kinds of things that end up with someone declaring later:

“That was a bad time for me. I was heavily into X, my family was going through Y, and I had a breakdown of Z. No one knew I was suffering inside so I decided to step away and get help”


No, he’s just an asshole.

(Considering the things he’s said and done, I’m fully able to justify that statement.)


Meh i cant stand that guy….i avoid his games like the plague…though his employees probably see the writing on the wall and jumping ship. Good…we’re better off without CliffyB’s shitfest games, and later whining about why it failed and wasnt his fault.

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Schlag Sweetleaf

Fly, you fools!

in a better place now....gif

LOL! Ah, Schlag. Always good to have you lurking around.

Another classic, especially the one finger salute. LOL! Saved and in the archive. :)