Elite: Dangerous guild adopts sea cow, presumably plans to take it to space


The manatee, commonly known as a sea cow, are herbivorous marine animals known mainly for being so ugly that they’re cute, coming into conflict with speedboats, and making all of us wish that we had one. Naturally, it stands to reason that an Elite: Dangerous guild up and adopted one.

Wait, what?

The story behind this starts a couple of months ago, when an in-game cooperative ran a project to breed, process, and distribute manatee meat from a “megaship.” Sure. Fine. That makes sense. But apparently the people involved in this project got so into it that they decided to get one of their own.

Pileus Libertas adopted a manatee named “Crazy Nick” on behalf of Frontier. The player group says that they did this to raise awareness of the gentle creatures, but we have a suspicion that Crazy Nick may just become the first manatee in orbit before too long. Never underestimate the ingenuity of MMO guilds is what we’re saying.

Source: Twitter
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