LawBreakers has formally shut down

Oh my gosh, did they try.

It doesn’t come as a surprise, but LawBreakers has officially gone dark now with the shutdown of its servers. This follows the timeline originally announced with the shutdown of Boss Key Studios, so players who enjoyed the title hopefully had enough chances to get in some fun memories with the game before this.

For those who have forgotten, LawBreakers launched and immediately ran into trouble with low player numbers, prompting Boss Key to place the game into maintenance mode and switch gears to Radical Heights. When Radical Heights also failed to gain traction, the studio itself shut down and announced plans to close its titles. Studio founder and face of the company Cliff Bleszinski promised to tell all about the situation in an upcoming autobiography.

Our condolences go out to the programmers and fans affected by this shutdown.

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Good riddance.

The game was marketed as F2P, then suddenly it became B2P. When I first saw screenshots of it, back when it was known to be F2P, I thought to myself (this looks pretty lame). Back then I didn’t know who Cliffy B was, I only researched later, so I had no prejudice against it, it just looked lame and subpar.

Then I saw his interviews, where he views himself like Steven Seagal – like his existence and work is a gift to humanity. What an asshole douchebag. I immediately hated him for his attitude and felt a desire for his game to fail so he may learn something and become more humble.

Then Lawbreakers failed, then Radical Heights was announced, it also looked lame, I wished it would fail too, it failed, shut down, now Lawbreakers shut down too.

Did Cliffy B learn anything? Who knows?
Do I feel a little bad for wishing the games to fail and then they fail? Yes and no.

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So if you spent some money on it, you have lost everything.
At least, they didn’t sold the game saying it was going to last forever:

Bethesda wants Fallout 76 to last forever

Grave Knight

Ah, how much unrealized potential you had, Lawbreakers, to bad you were put together by an idiot dead set in his ways who abandoned you for a desperate cash grab. RIP.

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Chapter 10 of ‘The Life of Cliffy B – The Life of a Life-Master’

“So I was in a hotel room bangin’ some chick I had just met in a bar after getting high in the alleyway. I didn’t know her name – but then again, what developer bro ever does am I right? So I hear my cell phone ring and I thought, “Yo. I know I’m deep in right now but what if it’s one of my homies and he needs some help? Gotta keep it in the family yo.

It was one of my devloper homies but GET THIS. He didn’t dial me to let me know he’d just scored a bag of rocks. Nope, he told me Law Breakers had just shut down. FOR GOOD.

I straight up stopped bangin’ right there. It was that deep man. I took a drag off my toke and thought…DAMN. IT’S OVER.


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The Life of Cliffy B – The Life of a Life-Master


Discerning prospectors: “Cliffy who?”


Great excerpt. Would read again, but on twitter.