Cliff Bleszinski’s new game revealed as a team-based FPS named LawBreakers

So now we're all just copying Team Fortress 2. What did that accomplish?

Remember how yesterday we were all excited about Cliff Bleszinski‘s new game being published by Nexon and thus having the potential for some MMO elements? Well, it’s been revealed, and it’s not like that at all! There are no MMO elements whatsoever! It’s an online team-based FPS named LawBreakers. You don’t even have quests to kill a dozen rats, unless there’s a player named “Rat” on the other team and you consider killing him several times until you win to be a quest.

You can check out the announcement trailer just below; the game will be free-to-play and is expected for release next year. Gameplay footage is set for a Friday reveal, with the game in a playable state at PAX Prime this weekend. So this is good news if you were hoping for a new team-based FPS, less good news if you were hoping that this would in fact be an MMO of some flavor.

Source: Official Twitch via Polygon, VG24/7

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