Cliff Bleszinski is apparently interested in a LawBreakers revival

Definitely something everyone else was waiting for

Break it down now.

For three blissful years now, no one has had to give any thought to LawBreakers outside of those of us who remember this bizarre industry. Cliff “Cliffy B” Bleszinski had last brought it back to our memories back in 2020 when he tried to claim that it failed because it was “too woke,” which gives you a really clear picture of where your dude’s mind is at. But now he’s asking the CEO of Nexon on Twitter to hit him up about discussions of rights issues and the possibility of revival, which we would like to stress is exactly how these negotiations are supposed to work.

Oddly, Bleszinski seems vaguely surprised to learn that Nexon owns the rights to the game. He also states in replies that he neither wants to design nor run the game because that’s exhausting. So he’s more hoping that someone else wants to revive the game and do the work of running it and making it actually successful this time while he gets to consult on it. Live your truth, we guess. Although let’s not forget that people like us can, in Cliffy B’s own works, “[FUNK] off.

Source: Twitter via VG24/7
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