Overwatch 2 ties its mythic skin shop to monetization as it focuses on the impact of ‘unapproved peripherals’


When Overwatch 2 launched its 10th season, one of the big ticket features was a mythic skin shop, but it decided not to divulge just how that worked until shortly after the update released. Now we perhaps know why, because it’s all tied to the premium battle pass and its cash shop.

The mythic skin shop takes mythic prism currency, which can be earned by progressing along the premium battle pass track, with eight prisms handed out every 10 tiers starting at Tier 8. That means that getting enough prisms to get a mythic hero skin will require players to grind their way up to Tier 48. Players can further spend 10 prisms to unlock additional customizations for their selected skin, with all of the needed prisms awaiting at Tier 78 of the battle pass. Or players could purchase the prisms directly in bundles priced as high as $75.

In other OW2 news, game director Aaron Keller discusses how his team will focus on combating “unapproved peripherals” that mimic a mouse and keyboard on console, which have been souring the console competitive experience. Starting in Season 11, first offenders will face a week-long ban from competitive, while a second offense will fully ban players from competitive, block access to aim assist, and force them into quick play queues that pit them against other keyboard and mouse users. For those who are found to be using such devices now, permanent account bans will be dished out to “the most severe abusers of unapproved peripherals.”

Finally, Season 10’s poster child nonbinary hero Venture has gotten a development spotlight that talks about how the team put them together across art, narrative, and design.

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