EVE Vanguard brings a new map, customizable weapons, and new missions in June 20 test


It’s probably been the burning question on the lips of those who have been playing EVE Vanguard: When will the FPS hold its next test? We now all have an answer to that question, as well as feature details that mark this as the shooter module’s largest update yet.

First, the dates: Testing will run between Thursday, June 20th, and Monday, July 1st. The test is once again available only to those who are subscribers to EVE Online, but CCP Games is quick to point out that the recent release of the Equinox update came with a free seven-day Omega token that can be used to get access to the test; players will just need to claim that freebie before June 20th.

As for what the next test build will bring, that includes a new map that features new flora, polluted waters, and more verticality; an adaptive weaponry system that lets players customize guns with chip sets; and some new industry-focused missions that involve mining a deposit or hacking through shields to get to get to loot deposits. The build will also introduce new gadgets like proximity mines and a motion scanner.

Finally, the new test will introduce several quality-of-life features like custom keybinds, an enhanced menu interface, refined camera movements, and the ability to sprint directly from a crouch. Participation in the test will also grant several unique rewards in the form of weapon skins, ship skins, and up to 3,000 PLEX for those who top the test’s leaderboard. The announcement post grants all of the information eager shooters in New Eden could want.

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