Pax Dei bluntly outlines what it is – and is not – ahead of next week’s early access release


In a world where games have waffled about their MMO-ness, the devs at Mainframe Industries have made it very clear what kind of gameplay to expect in Pax Dei – and especially what kind of game it isn’t.

The post opens with several very clear lines in the sand: It is not a themepark, a survival game, or a medieval simulator. It is also not a fast-paced game since there are no levels and resources won’t be immediately surrounding players, and it is not a single-player game; though there is “enjoyable” solo content and players can play without a clan, it’s built to encourage group play, and its “harshest corners” cannot be taken alone.

As for what Pax Dei is, the studio once more leans into the “social sandbox” nature of its design, with what are considered three core pillars of gameplay: homestead gameplay for those who prefer crafting and gathering, adventure gameplay where PvE and PvP content lives, and civilization-level gameplay intended for multiple players to come together for common purpose, whether it’s establishing a town or declaring war.

“What we strive to build with Pax Dei is a living, breathing world. A world that comes alive through the actions of its players working together or against each other. A place where you can build your homestead, set up your smithy, or keep your Inn. A place of emergent civilizations. With towns and cities. With vibrant trade and artisan guilds. With churches and cathedrals, forts and castles. Where players can build kingdoms, gather armies of knights, and go to war… or sell flowers on the market,” the post closes. “Pax Dei is what you make of it.”

source: Steam. Cheers, Squid!
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