Dungeons and Dragons Online is granting you the free expansion of your choice for the Year of the Dragon

Plus the debut of the VIP loyalty rewards program


This is too good for a long lead-up, so we’ll cut to the chase: Dungeons and Dragons Online is giving all players an expansion of their choice as part of the Year of the Dragon festivities. All expansions are up for grabs save for the latest (Vecna Unleashed) and won’t include any extra bonuses or account unlocks from the special editions. You will need to claim your choice of one of these seven packs by May 28th, however.

If that’s not enough reason for spontaneous geeky celebrations, DDO also activated its VIP loyalty rewards for subscribers. This program gives players an extra reward each month that they’re subbed, including a “signup bonus gift” for five extra shared account storage slots.

Finally, Update 67.2.1 arrived yesterday with improvements to the tech that handles these giveaways as well as this important note: “The deprecated versions of Temple of Elemental Evil Adventure Compendium listings have been removed. Players who earned favor from these deprecated versions of ToEE quests will see their total favor reduced.”

Source: DDO, 2, 3
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