elemental evil

Elemental Evil is an expansion for Neverwinter.

Dungeons and Dragons Online is granting you the free expansion of your choice for the Year of the Dragon

This is too good for a long lead-up, so we'll cut to the chase: Dungeons and Dragons Online is giving all players an expansion...

The Stream Team: Starting Neverwinter’s final elemental evil adventure, water

Air, fire, and earth are all completed, so the only elemental evil epic adventure Massively OP's MJ has left in Neverwinter is water. Sadly,...

The Stream Team: Fighting fire in Neverwinter is hard

Massively OP's MJ was really looking forward to starting the fire portion of the elemental evil quest arcs. However, she didn't expect that fighting...

The Stream Team: It’s time to play with fire in Neverwinter

What does it look like when Massively OP's MJ is in her element? Fire! Lots and lots of fire! If you've ever watched her...

Dungeons and Dragons Online’s new update adds class archetypes, revamps an encounter, and applies balance changes

Update 56: Archetypes and Archvillains is arriving today to players of Dungeons and Dragons Online, bringing with it a host of updates that appear...

The Stream Team: Neverwinter’s Elemental Evil Adventures

Now that the Undermountain is fully explored, Massively OP's MJ is ready to delve into the next set of Neverwinter adventures. And the emphasis...

Dungeons and Dragons begins testing ‘funky fresh’ class archetypes

We feel quite comfortable in stating that Dungeons and Dragons Online has one of the most complex and customizable character builds in the entire...

Neverwinter to be part of D&D’s June story reveal event

Wizards of the Coast is putting out the call for streamers, movers, and shakers to assemble in Seattle, WA on June 2nd and 3rd...

Navigating through Neverwinter’s Maze Engine

After the "big missteps" involved in Elemental Evil, Cryptic is looking to put Neverwinter back on top of its game with this week's Maze...

Neverwinter promises June campaign, Icewind Dale stories

Cryptic Studios has just released a positively massive state-of-the-game letter for MMORPG Neverwinter. Executive Producer Rob Overmeyer begins by recapping 2015, noting that last...
The update's big, yeah yeah yeah.

Neverwinter: Elemental Evil goes live on Xbox One

If you've been playing Neverwinter on the Xbox One, you've had to deal with a bit of update lag. There's no way around it,...

PAX Prime 2015: Neverwinter’s Elemental Evil might be better on Xbox

I know the majority of us on this site are PC players. I include myself in that group. And being a part of the...

Neverwinter’s Elemental Evil comes to Xbox One on September 8

Neverwinter players on the Xbox One are getting a big content patch on September 8th, according to a Perfect World press release. The Elemental...

Neverwinter nerfs high-level mobs, grants increased XP

Neverwinter is making some changes to the leveling curve between 60 and 70. A dev blog released this week says that the team has...

Neverwinter bringing four modules to Xbox One in September

The Xbox One version of Neverwinter has been left behind compared its PC counterpart shortly after launching on the console, thanks to faster and...
Dungeons? Check. Dragons? Check. What else could need changing?

Neverwinter outlines new and upcoming changes

When lead designer Scott Shicoff took point on Neverwinter, his first dispatch to the community was a statement that he and the rest of...

Neverwinter cracks 1.6M players on Xbox One

If you're looking for Neverwinter's true success story, it might not be on the PC at all. Cryptic Studios announced today that ever since...
Of course, then you get reminded about the setting.

Neverwinter announces its next major update, Underdark

Neverwinter is heading into a dark place with its next major update. Darker than dark, even. Tenatively dubbed Neverwinter: Underdark, the next module will...
If you read this like, it sounds kind of like he's monitoring some new youth trend.

Neverwinter’s new lead designer takes a ‘hard look’ at Elemental Evil

Neverwinter's Elemental Evil update had some issues that extend beyond some ill-distributed reward codes. A letter to the community from new lead designer Scott...
The lesson here is that someone will always find a way to make a fun thing miserable.

Neverwinter disables promotional codes following exploits

Last week, the Neverwinter team distributed a little bonus code via email to player accounts in celebration of the Elemental Evil update -- just...