Neverwinter disables promotional codes following exploits

The lesson here is that someone will always find a way to make a fun thing miserable.
Last week, the Neverwinter team distributed a little bonus code via email to player accounts in celebration of the Elemental Evil update — just a little item that could be used to unlock several different toys in-game. Except that the item in question was not bound to players and could be traded or sold on the auction house, and there were numerous players who exploited the error and created numerous accounts to redeem the code over and over en masse. It was a bit of a mess.

At this point the codes have been disabled, so if you haven’t redeemed yours, don’t do so. While the team still wants to do something to commemorate the launch, this particular celebration has taken on something of a sour note. Player feedback on the forums has ranged from understanding to critical of the poor handling and what some players view as predictable issues.

[Source: Neverwinter forums. Thanks to Extremex and Jose for the tip!]
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