Neverwinter announces its next major update, Underdark

Of course, then you get reminded about the setting.
Neverwinter is heading into a dark place with its next major update. Darker than dark, even. Tenatively dubbed Neverwinter: Underdark, the next module will bring players into the eponymous Underdark, exploring kingdoms of Drow and featuring a questline written by well-known fantasy author R. A. Salvatore. Yes, you’ll be fighting alongside Drizz’t. You knew that was coming, don’t pretend you didn’t.

The module is scheduled for release in 2015 on PC, with a console release to follow. More is in the works for players before the next module, however; there will be more fixes to the Elemental Evil content, as well as an update before the module featuring guild housing. All of it is exciting stuff for Neverwinter fans.

[Source: Neverwinter: Underdark Coming in 2015]
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