Neverwinter outlines new and upcoming changes

Dungeons? Check. Dragons? Check. What else could need changing?
When lead designer Scott Shicoff took point on Neverwinter, his first dispatch to the community was a statement that he and the rest of the team would be looking into the game’s balance issues and bugs to improve the game experience right away. A new development diary on the official site outlines exactly what’s been done so far and what’s changing in the immediate future, starting with a multitude of bug fixes so that all player skills are working as intended rather than being too strong or too weak.

Future changes include limiting the Tiamat fight to players with higher item levels (which he points out will lock some players out, but lower gear meant you were unlikely to succeed regardless), adding in a variety of new campaign rewards, and making Elemental Evil quests less irritating. Experience gains are also on deck to be rebalanced. Take a look at the full list of present and future changes in the official posting.

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