Dungeons and Dragons begins testing ‘funky fresh’ class archetypes


We feel quite comfortable in stating that Dungeons and Dragons Online has one of the most complex and customizable character builds in the entire industry. That complexity is about to become even deeper with the addition of archetypes, a new system coming in Update 56.

Class archetypes are “a specific and unique type of way to play a specific, existing class.” The developers said that they wanted to add archetypes instead of new classes to “fill in the gaps” and as “a way for us to get funky fresh.” This is a direct quote.

“Archetypes are easier for us to build than regular classes which means we can release more of them more frequently. It also means that we can do weirder things with them,” the devs said.

The first three archetypes — the Cleric’s Dark Apostate, the Bard’s Stormsinger, and the Paladin’s Sacred Fist — will be added this summer with more to follow. Update 56 is currently undergoing its first round of testing.

Producer Amanda Grow posted a new letter to cover the archetypes, the new hardcore season, tweaks to the Temple of Elemental Evil adventures, and some big changes coming to the Crystal Cove event this fall.

Grow also gave a sneak peek at what’s to come in late 2022: “Looking later into the year we are working on a new adventure pack for Update 57 that continues the story of Peril of the Planar Eyes!”

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