Life is Feudal is planning an AMA, PvP rule changes, and a Godenland wipe


Spring is coming to Life is Feudal and with it are some planned adjustments to the game and an upcoming AMA according to the most recent developer post. These changes include adjustments to the PvP ruleset and a targeted wipe of the Godenland area, though that appears to be sticking point for some players.

According to the post, the planned wipe would all player-built objects, equipped items and inventory, and terraforming changes, though things like skills, guilds, and premium inventory would be kept. There is an addendum at the bottom of this announcement, however, that states that negative feedback is prompting the devs to put whether this wipe happens or not to a vote. Interested players have until this coming Thursday, April 16th, to make their voice heard.

What is happening will be an unexplained change to the PvP rules that will hopefully bring a more enjoyable experience, as well as combat changes, a skill cap increase, and updates to provinces, instanced battles, and taxes. A full changelog is expected at some point next week. Speaking of next week, this coming Sunday, April 12th, will see an AMA in the game’s official Discord. Players who are interested are welcome to join the respective AMA channel and submit their questions.

source: official site, thanks Panagiotis for the tip!
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