Mobile MMORPG Aura Kingdom II prepares for its global April release — here’s a peek at its opening quests


Most of our readers are going to recognize Aura Kingdom as the game that lets you be a rock star as a class or as a source for a lot of different giveaways. However, the mobile sequel Aura Kingdom II is making its global debut in April, and we can get a look at what this mobile version is all about.

By all accounts, much of Aura Kingdom II is focused on entering battle with up to five Eidolons, with the leader of your Eidolon team following behind you. The team leader fights at your character’s side while the other Eidolons in the team can be temporarily called forth to either unleash attacks or provide buffs; it sounds a bit like the summons of the old Final Fantasy games.

The video below features a look at the opening quests, with the preview being played on a PC client, though it’s unclear whether this will be possible when the game makes its global debut. Regardless, there’s plenty of anime fighting, monster summoning, and riding of a fluffy llama thing to watch.

source: MMO Culture

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