Players of Life is Feudal MMO share their thoughts and final moments before the game’s sunset


This past December, we reported on the news that the MMO version of Life is Feudal was closing up shop on January 18th. In honor of the game’s final moments, we elected to take a dig into how the game’s community — however small it was — is coping with the sunset.

The game’s user reviews section of its Steam page offers a general idea of players’ reactions, ranging from outright anger and claims of fraud to hopes that the title will come back someday. One recent review even called it ‘the “best 3 years of my gaming life.”‘

Most players also seem to be taking some solace in the private servers available in Life is Feudal: Your Own, though the populations per map are limited to a maximum of 64 players. That said, the playerbase has reportedly found ways to make custom maps possible. MMO life, ah, finds a way.

We’ve even found some shared footage of one player’s final moments that showcases the assets he and his guild had amassed. In the blurb for the video he writes, “Was a very sad day for our guild to have the game come to an abrupt end. I had only been playing over a month and was really enjoying it. It was one of the only games to bring back old school Ultima Online feels in over 20 years.” That footage is below.

sources: Steam (1, 2), YouTube
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