Life is Feudal: MMO’s latest update unveils the realm of Godenland, introduces new challenges


Gritty medieval sandbox Life is Feudal has introduced its massive new 0.2.0 update, adding a whole new map to explore, a heavily revamped progression system, and new PvE and PvP content. The new map, Godenland, is nearly three times the size of the original map with “a wider variety of various landscape features.” Here, players can discover new rare resources and interact with the enigmatic natives of the land, whose villages can be raided in search of resources and treasure.

The update also overhauled the game’s progression systems, providing players with a bit more flexibility to pursue the activities that appeal to them without having to sacrifice progression in other areas. Now, all experience is consolidated into one of three pools: crafting, combat, and mining. Players can use the experience accrued in these pools to raise the level of any skill that falls within that pool’s purview. And on top of that, there’s now offline progression as well, allowing players to select a skill to continue improving even when they’re offline — as long as they have enough experience stored in the associated pool, that is.

In addition to the many new features and system overhauls, the update also brings with it an array of one-time challenges for players to complete as a guild, as a team, or solo. These challenges include being the first guild to upgrade its guild monument to tier four, being the first guild to cpature a free province, being the first player to visit all the regions of Godenland, and so on. To participate in these server-first challenges, players must take screenshots proving the challenge’s completion and submit them to the devs for verification. The first players and/or guilds to complete these challenges will receive as-yet-undisclosed rewards for their triumphs.

To get the full details on the new Godenland map and all the content that comes with it, be sure to check out the official update page on the game’s website.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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