ArcheAge puts an end to griefing exploits in Crimson and Grimghast Rifts


This week’s ArcheAge update is a mish-mash of fixes and compensation that ought to take the sting out of recent bugs and exploits.

According to the patch notes, players were abusing vehicles for an exploit in Crimson Rift and Grimghast Rift; now the game will gleefully destroy your vehicle if you take it too close to the boss monsters to grief the players fighting it. “The vehicle issue will be improved for the boss monsters mentioned above first, and then we will gradually expand upon other areas where the vehicles are being misused such as raid monsters like Nightmare Glaive,” Kakao says.

The studio has also increased stack sizes for Solar Temper and Lunar Temper, launched a one-gold Unchained pass for newbies, and dished out compensation for players who weren’t properly given the quest reward or saw their labor depleted from opening chests in violation of the developers’ intent.

“To those players who completed the “Labor Consumption” quest, we have sent via mail as many “Warm Hearts” as the number of times they had completed this quest during the event period, after the event ended with the May 12th maintenance. […] Based on the Labor consumed upon opening “Heartfelt Chests” during the event, Labor Regen have been sent via mail after the May 12th maintenance. The exact schedule will be announced in the near future.”

In other ArcheAge news, Kakao is promoting a player-run concert tomorrow.

Source: Patch notes
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