Mu Origin 3 launches May 26, with mobile preregistration already underway


Did the MU series need another entry? Can you even count up all the games in the franchise? I could try, but I’d probably miss one, and it doesn’t matter anyway because this is happening regardless: FingerFun announced today that MU Origin 3 is en route, and soon – as in next week on May 26th. This is a mobile MMO planned for both iOS and Android; it promises three job classes with six branches, a trading system, demon-slaying content, a large fantasy world, an underwater city, cross-server wars, 3v3 arenas, and detailed character customization.

“MU Origin 3 is a bold reimagining of the classic MU franchise, one that frees itself from the traditional 2.5D perspective and soars into full, gorgeous 3D visuals in a vast world spanning over 5 million square meters. Pursuing foes above the clouds, explore the highest tips of the Glacial Peaks, scour the ocean’s hiddenmost depths for treasure, and do it all at up to 120fps. FingerFun built MU Origin 3 using Unreal Engine 4, making the game’s signature free flight combat possible and allowing for realistically rendered textures on clothing and armor.”

Preregistration on Android and iOS is already open, with exclusives and currency in store for players who do so.

Source: Press release, official site
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