Embers Adrift highlights its recently released Flooded Ruins update with new video and upcoming livestreams


An update called Flooded Ruins seems pretty self-explanatory, but that isn’t stopping Embers Adrift from showing off as much of this new patch as it can, specifically in the form of pictures, a trailer, and some upcoming livestreams.

The update was primarily heralded with a new trailer that offered a look at some of the new ember veins that were added and a flythrough of their associated delves, an in-game look at new crafting quests, the highlights of a newly added tutorial log, simplified tooltips, and changes to weapon flanking. Of course, there’s also the full patch notes from last week that outline all of the updates, improvements, and fixes.

Finally, the Flooded Ruins update will be highlighted in a series of livestreams on Friday, June 2nd, with developers and content creators as part of the MMORPG’s other events for its free weekend. In the meantime, the new video awaits below.

sources: YouTube, Twitter, official forums (1, 2)
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