Embers Adrift discusses player feedback and moderation while preparing events for its free weekend


The weekly community show from Embers Adrift is now online, and once again it has some useful information for players of the MMORPG, as it talks about how Stormhaven Studios processes player feedback along with a look through the updates currently working through QA.

The most recent QA server content as of last week includes a cleanup of tooltips, a fix for a point in Redshore where players were getting stuck, some lighting fixes in dungeon rooms, and other odds and ends, while items that are still on the QA to-do list include new ember veins, a revamp of weapon flanking, and new crafting quests.

The video also offered brief moments to discuss some player-facing matters related to feedback and moderation. Embers’ community manager Elloa promised that all feedback is looked at even if the devs don’t respond to it all, but also acknowledges that some feedback can’t be acted upon since it goes against the MMORPG’s greater vision or the devs are limited by certain restrictions. She then talks about moderation of things like breaking up players fighting over monster spawns; here she notes it can be tiresome and uncomfortable, particularly since she often finds both sides of the argument are both right and wrong.

Meanwhile, the game is readying a variety of events to mark the sandbox’s free-play weekend starting on June 2nd. Fans can look forward to a marathon of livestreams, along with a host of in-game events like a welcoming party, a PvP duel tournament, and a marauder invasion. The link above offers up all of the dates and times.

sources: official forums (1, 2), YouTube
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