Embers Adrift tees up another free-play weekend starting June 2


Stormhaven Studios has been teasing another freebie weekend for the buy-to-play-plus-sub MMORPG Embers Adrift, and now popular demand has made it happen, though oddly it won’t be over Memorial Day weekend, which is when MMOs typically try to entice players with a little extra free-time. This event will run June 2nd to 4th.

“The secrets of Ember are unfolding and Stormhaven Studios is inviting players to enter the gates of Newhaven in their classically inspired MMORPG Embers Adrift,” the studio says. “Featuring immersive group-based PvE gameplay, Embers Adrift brings a new world and a community-focused adventure to the MMO genre.”

“Players looking for a dynamic MMORPG experience that blends classic challenging gameplay with newly imagined story and features, and a friendly and helpful community can start their adventure in Embers Adrift for free from June 2nd – 4th beginning at 1pm EST/12 pm CST/10 am PST. In order to access the game’s free weekend players will simply need to create an account on the official site. Once the account is created visit https://www.embersadrift.com/Account during the free weekend to download the client and play.”

Source: Press release. Cheers, Yrys!
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