The Division preps summer testing for Resurgence, readies a PC test for Heartland, outlines Year 5 for The Division 2


In case that headline didn’t clue you in, earlier this week was Ubisoft’s “Division Day,” a showcase of updates and news surrounding the three most recent games that are part of The Division franchise.

The headlines began with The Division 2 and its plans for Year 5, which brings another new manhunt mission where players must rescue hostages, tasks players with rebuilding the Castle Settlement, and adds a new four-player rougelike Descent mode with its own progression system. More content through Year 5 is promised as well, including more manhunts, events, and endgame.

Most of Year 5 will require the Warlords of New York expansion, though Descent mode will be available to all. Descent mode is available for PC testing now, while Year 5 is scheduled to start in early June.

Next up is news from The Division Resurgence, the mobile title announced last year. The game is spooling up for a regional test on iOS and Android devices this summer, with information on dates, details, and regions that can take part promised to come soon. Until then, previous testers will already have their ticket for this test punched, new players can pre-register for a chance at this test, and everyone in the test will get themselves a set of in-game cosmetics.

Finally, the PvPvE free-to-play shooter The Division Heartland announced plans for its own upcoming PC closed beta test for later this year, debuted a new cinematic trailer, and shared a developer deep-dive video that outlines the title’s features.

Many of these details were also shared on the game’s site, providing information about the overall gameplay beats: Resurgence involves players using the daytime to scrounge for resources and the nighttime to fight against NPC foes and other players, with the ultimate goal of getting loot and extracting safely; it all sounds similar to the dark zone mode in Div 2, though with an added wrinkle of managing whether to go into infected areas to get the best goodies while risking their character’s health in the process.

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