Sky Children of the Light celebrates the crab-filled Days of Mischief for the Halloween season October 23

In the end, everything returns to crab


When an event is known as the Days of Mischief, it can probably go one of two ways: either very playfully or very badly. But did you expect it to go to crab? That’s the matter that faces players of Sky: Children of the Light, as the titular Days of Mischief event brings dark crab danger and fun Halloween rewards for three weeks starting Monday, October 23rd.

The Days of Mischief event will primarily task players with entering the caves of the Cackling Crab, navigating one of two mazes, and saving spirits while avoiding trick spells or cat curses along the way. During the second week of the event, spirit locations will be moved and players could be transformed into a dark crab themselves if they speak with the wrong spirit, while the final week will bring multiple players from across the game’s servers together into the cave, transforming everyone into crabs for some crustacean celebration.

Naturally players can look forward to more than just crab time; they can also collect up to six event currencies every day, then turn them in for various new cosmetic items and some returning goodies from last year’s event. It’ll be a crabtacular time between October 23rd and November 12th, so get your claws ready for some mischief.

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