Apex Legends introduces Conduit, Valorant introduces Iso


The hero shooter sub-genre generally gets more interesting when new heroes arrive to the game, which would certainly explain why both Valorant and Apex Legends are doing just that. However, in at least the case of the former title, the new arrival might be a bit of a heartbreaker.

Apex’s new season, Ignite, will feature the arrival of the new character Conduit, whose entire backstory revolves around the bravery of a heroic Titan. For context, the shooter takes place in Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall universe, which has been a beloved series among FPS fans who hold out hope that the studio will stop with the battle royale development and make Titanfall 3 – and this is the first direct reference to a Titan that Apex has ever made, which likely makes Conduit’s inclusion on October 31st a bit of a prick to the heart.

On the far less emotional side of things – both in terms of gamers’ fandom and in-character presentation – is Valorant’s ice-cold fixer Iso, who headlines the shooter’s most recent update. This new hero has the ability to summon defensive walls, draw a single character into a 1v1 firefight out of nowhere, and apparently shoot through walls. The gameplay footage for him can be found below.

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