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Apex Legends introduces Conduit, Valorant introduces Iso

The hero shooter sub-genre generally gets more interesting when new heroes arrive to the game, which would certainly explain why both Valorant and Apex...

Apex Legends launches its Eclipse season with a new character, new map, and the ability to send gifts

Presumably, most of what people gift one another in Apex Legends is headshots, but as of the game's newest season, actual gifts can be...

Rapper T-Pain goes to bat for Apex Legends devs who are facing harassment

Earlier in the week Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment openly spoke out against the toxic portions of its playerbase, outlining a zero tolerance policy...
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Apex Legends draws a line in the sand over increased developer harassment

We all get mad at games, and some of us even get mad at game studios. However, when that anger boils over into harassment...

EA fires Apex Legends lead designer over past sexist and racist remarks

Daniel Klein, a lead game designer on the battle royale shooter Apex Legends, has been fired from his position by Electronic Arts and Respawn...

Hackers who disrupted Apex Legends to complain about Titanfall issues ‘achieved nothing of value’

Over the Independence Day weekend, Apex Legends players were subjected to a very specific hacking attack headed by disgruntled players of Titanfall's online modes,...

Apex Legends’ latest event is all about Wraith the Voidwalker

Wraith mains, these next few days are all about you. Apex Legends is hosting a new event called Voidwalker for the next two weeks...

TV networks block Apex Legends esports tourney broadcast following mass shootings

In what is being explained as a move of "respect for the victims and all those impacted" by recent mass shooting events in Texas...
Order from disorder.

Apex Legends kicks off its second season with an altered arena and a new legend

The Apex Games are back in full swing, as Apex Legends has just kicked off its second season. Dubbed Battle Charge, the new season...

E3 2019: Apex Legend’s Season 2 brings a new Legend, a new weapon, and more next month

The folks at Respawn Entertainment announced at EA Play this weekend that Season 2 of Apex Legends will be kicking off next month on...
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Apex Legends irons out server issues and hit-registration bugs, makes plans to punish piggy-backers

Respawn Entertainment's surprise-hit battle-royale title Apex Legends has long been grappling with some particularly annoying (and persistent) server issues that have been causing all...
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Over 777,000 Apex Legends cheaters have been banned as Respawn cracks down

In last week's Apex Legends developer blog, Project Lead Drew McCoy said that the Respawn Entertainment team has been hard at work trying to...

Apex Legends devs discuss season 2, content cadence, and avoiding development crunch

Although the frankly obscene amount of hype that surrounded Apex Legends in the weeks following its launch earlier this year has subsided to more...
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Apex Legends kicks off its first season today with battle pass and Octane

The first season of Apex Legends officially begins today with the release of the premiere battle pass and the addition of the game's first...
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Apex Legends developer reminds players that datamined information is not a development roadmap

Gosh, people really do seem to love Apex Legends, and with that comes the natural human impulse to dig around in the game's data files...
Our balance philosophy is actually balancing things.

Apex Legends outlines balance changes as well as the philosophy of balance

Balance is a tricky beast in a game like Apex Legends, and that's the core of the philosophy behind Respawn's overall approach to changes. The...
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Apex Legends grows to 25 million players, announces exclusive Valentine’s Day loot

It wouldn't have been unreasonable to think that Apex Legends had hit its stride a few days ago when it announced that it had...
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Apex Legends continues to grow, reaching 10 million players in 72 hours

Newly released battle royale title Apex Legends announced the other day that it had amassed 2.5 million players and hit 600,000 concurrent players within...