Apex Legends irons out server issues and hit-registration bugs, makes plans to punish piggy-backers

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Respawn Entertainment’s surprise-hit battle-royale title Apex Legends has long been grappling with some particularly annoying (and persistent) server issues that have been causing all kinds of mishaps, from slow-mo match starts to wonky hit registration, but according to a recent dev update, those problems should soon be on the way out.

According to the post, the team has managed to identify some of the causes behind the hit-registration bugs, and although there’s still work to be done (“we don’t think we’re out of the woods yet,” the post says), the next patch will implement a number of fixes that should lessen the frequency and severity of hit-detection problems while the devs work to stamp out the bugs once and for all.

The devs are also making progress on fixing the server issues that sometimes cause the game to run in slow-motion at the start of the match. Apparently some of the game’s server machines were running with faulty hardware that managed to slip past the standard hardware-health checks. The offending machines have been removed from the server pool, which should cut down on the issue’s occurrence, and the team is continuing to work on additional server optimizations that will hopefully iron out the rest of the kinks as they roll out.

The post also details plans to begin doling out temporary bans to “piggy-backers” who “[draft] off other players in the squad to carry them to a good position and level up faster but [don’t] actually participate in the match.” For the full details on these plans as well as other upcoming tweaks, fixes, and improvements, you can read the full dev post over on the game’s subreddit.

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