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Latest War of Rights update introduces new Maryland Heights skirmish area

Campfire Games has just released the latest update for its game War of Rights, bringing bug fixes, graphical updates, and a brand-new skirmish area to the American-Civil-War-based FPS. The highlight of the update, of course, is the addition of the seventh Harpers Ferry skirmish area, Maryland Heights, which allows players to recreate a historic showdown between Confederate and Union forces that resulted in “most of the Confederate casualties of the entire siege.”

In addition to the new area, the update adds a possible fix for a major server-crashing bug as well as particle effects for bullet impacts, footsteps, and water splashes. It also makes a balance change that illustrates the game’s emphasis on realism, allowing players to “slowly recover” after being hit with a club or bayonet, with two hits requiring a full 15 minutes for the wounded player to recuperate. You can check out the full patch notes on the game’s official forum.


E3 2018: Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be a first-person-shooter and RPG both

The bad news, Cyberpunk 2077 hopefuls, is that there’s still no word on the alleged multiplayer elements for the game. The good news, or at least the news, is that there’s some indication of how that will be integrated. See, it turns out that the game is an FPS. Yes, it’s still an RPG, but it’s an FPS in the vein of titles like Destiny 2. Not entirely, of course, since that’s an MMO, but… well, it’s an FPS in which numbers pop out.

There is plenty of space to speculate about how that would ultimately have a multiplayer component. If it helps, it’s also worth noting that the game will feature vehicles as well, so that’s another new revelation which might merit a rewatch of the trailer. We’ve included that down below, if you’d like another look at the things you’ll be seeing as you play through the single-player portions if nothing else.

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The Stream Team: First steps into Outpost Zero

Back in January Massively OP’s MJ learned about a new FPS survival game, Outpost Zero. Now, she’s not a great fan of first-person shooters, but she does enjoy survival games, and this one promises a unique twist; your own bot army! Now that definitely sounds interesting! Join us live at 8:00 p.m. as MJ takes her first steps into the danger of…

What: Outpost Zero
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 8:00 p.m. EDT on Saturday, June 9th, 2018

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EVE Fanfest 2016: Project Nova will include territorial warfare, link with EVE

At this week’s EVE Fanfest 2016, CCP Games revealed its new PC first person shooter Project Nova that has risen from the ashes of console FPS DUST 514. Rather than being a direct PC reboot of DUST 514 with huge planetary battlefields and a direct link with PC MMO EVE OnlineNova aims to be its own game set in the EVE universe. In my hands-on time with Nova, I found it to be a perfectly competent if somewhat generic squad-based shooter but was left with burning questions about the future plans for the game. Would there be any unique gameplay elements to hook people in? What will progression look like in the finished game? Will there be territorial warfare, and what about a link to EVE Online?

Today I posed those questions and more to CCP’s Snorri Árnason, and the answers shined a light not only on Nova but also the development process for new games at CCP. Nova is still in an early pre-alpha development stage and I was surprised to learn that it’s been in development for only a few months. It also turns out that the game is set in the current EVE lore and not in the future as we had previously been informed, and the team’s long-term ambitions do include sandbox territorial warfare and eventually a real economic link with EVE Online. The difference is that while DUST 514 sold us on huge promises and tried to do everything at onceNova will be built slowly from the ground up.

Read on for a brief overview of the long term goals for Project Nova and detailed interview responses from Snorri Árnason.

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EVE Evolved: The right way to reboot DUST 514

This week we heard the news that CCP Games will be officially shutting down PS3 online shooter DUST 514 in May to start work on a PC reboot. While this is obviously disappointing for the small but dedicated community that has stuck with the game over the years, it’s a predictable end that we always knew was coming and the prospect of a PC reboot is interesting. DUST 514 was an incredibly ambitious game that aimed to merge EVE Online‘s spaceship warfare with planetary conquest on the ground in realtime, but it never managed to harness that potential. We got very limited forms of cross-game communication and a barely useful orbital bombardment mechanic, and the core FPS gameplay wasn’t compelling enough on its own.

The new reboot is in the very early development stages and is being built from the ground up on Unreal Engine 4, so we probably won’t be getting our hands on it any time soon. By the time it does arrive, there’ll be several more first person shooters on the market and it may be competing with games like Destiny and Star Citizen on first-person gameplay. CCP will have to do something unique and compelling with the new FPS to make an impact, and that means playing on EVE‘s main strengths as a single-shard sandbox MMO with intense wars and community politics. For the new FPS to be a success, it will have to be much more tightly integrated with EVE.

In this edition of EVE Evolved, I look at why DUST failed in its execution on PS3 and what kind of gameplay and features I think the reboot needs to be a success.

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Crytek’s online FPS Warface gets new Earthshaker co-op mission

While developer Crytek is well known in the MMO world for developing the engine that powers games such as ArcheAge and Star Citizen, the studio has seen a lot of success over the years with its own games. Far Cry and Crysis proved popular with shooter fans in the past, and in 2013 Crytek released a new online first person shooter named Warface. Developed by Crytek Kiev, the free-to-play title has received mainly positive reviews and features both standard lobby-based multiplayer gameplay and co-op missions designed for up to five players.

This week Warface has released a new Earth Shaker mission set in a geothermal power plant inside a massive volcano. Teams of up to five are tasked with stopping the insidious Blackwood corporation from activating a Seismic Activity Generator superweapon that will cause earthquakes around the world, because apparently that’s what super-villains do! The patch comes with a series of new weapon skins and achievements, along with the usual bug fixes. For a peek at what you’ll find inside Blackwood’s fortress, check out the Earth Shaker trailer below.

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Star Wars: Battlefront delivers huge nerfs, announces DLC plans

If you’ve been playing Star Wars: Battlefront since the series was rebooted back in November, you’ve probably noticed that a few of the weapons and characters are ridiculously overpowered in online play. The iconic DL-44 heavy blaster pistol turned out to be far too deadly and has had its fire rate slashed and its overheat tweaked, and Han Solo’s unique DL-44 now has a reduced effectiveness at long range. If you’ve ever been cut down by a stray Wookie Bowcaster shot, you’ll also be pleased to know that the weapon’s damage has been heavily nerfed, reduced from 50 damage to 10-15 per bolt.

Players will notice that scan pings will now spot players a lot faster and only take 2 seconds to complete, down from 7 seconds. Other changes appear to have been made in the name of keeping the game more skill-based, such as reducing the lock-on range of smart rockets and the ion torpedo. The Homing Shot star card has been similarly nerfed into the ground with increased lock-on delay, decreased lock-on range, and decreased projectile speed.

EA announced its long-term plans for upcoming DLC for Star Wars: Battlefront in a new devblog yesterday, with four major expansions planned throughout this year. The first expansion is expected to land in March this year and will introduce content on the Outer Rim worlds such as Jabba The Hutt’s palace on Tatooine. This summer will continue with content in the cloud city of Bespin, and the Fall 2016 expansion will include content on board the Death Star itself. Plans for the fourth expansion have yet to be revealed.


NCsoft is hiring for a new shooter project

If you were kind of sad when NCsoft shut down development on Project HON back in March, today’s news is going to hit you one of two ways. You could be happy that the company is still looking into making a shooter, as evidenced by the fact that the company is hiring for something only referred to as an FPS project in official listings. Or you could be unhappy that whatever the shooter might be, it’s unlikely to feature nearly as many giant robots combining, transforming, and shooting one another.

Which one is the proper response is left as an exercise for the reader. But something is in development for Unreal Engine 4 regardless.

Source: MMO Culture


That Ghost in the Shell shooter is coming to Steam

The nominees for this year’s most ridiculously long game title are as follows: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online. Actually that’s it, there’s just one nominee, because who in their right mind slaps a game with such a lengthy moniker?

Nexon does, apparently, and it wants you to know that GitS:SAC-FAO (sorry, I’m not typing all that crap again) is coming to Steam. I have no idea when it’s coming to Steam, because Nexon’s press release fails to mention that bit of info. I suppose you can add it to your wishlist and be notified later, though.

GitS:SAC-FAO players will join Section 9, an elite force of cybernetically enhanced badasses who fight terrorists on the “neon-drenched streets of a futuristic Japan.”

Source: Steam


PAX East 2015: Overwatch aims for fall beta, introduces two new characters

Blizzard is breaking out the big guns for Overwatch — in more than one sense of that term. The studio announced at PAX East today that it is aiming for a fall beta test for the superhero-themed online shooter.

To make you wish that fall were already here, Blizzard also dropped three big reveals for the game. The first was the playable character of McCree, an outlaw cowboy who deals out damage from his heavy six-shooters. The second was the buff female tank Zarya, who uses her mighty muscles to handle a giant particle cannon. And the third was a new PvP map, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, in which heroes will help to start up a communications array (or perhaps shut it down for good).

You can watch the McCree and Zarya reveal videos after the jump!

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