Latest War of Rights update introduces new Maryland Heights skirmish area


Campfire Games has just released the latest update for its game War of Rights, bringing bug fixes, graphical updates, and a brand-new skirmish area to the American-Civil-War-based FPS. The highlight of the update, of course, is the addition of the seventh Harpers Ferry skirmish area, Maryland Heights, which allows players to recreate a historic showdown between Confederate and Union forces that resulted in “most of the Confederate casualties of the entire siege.”

In addition to the new area, the update adds a possible fix for a major server-crashing bug as well as particle effects for bullet impacts, footsteps, and water splashes. It also makes a balance change that illustrates the game’s emphasis on realism, allowing players to “slowly recover” after being hit with a club or bayonet, with two hits requiring a full 15 minutes for the wounded player to recuperate. You can check out the full patch notes on the game’s official forum.

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I’m interested in history and I’m originally a Marylander. However, I’m unsure if there are enough players out there just chomping at the bit to play as the Confederacy. In our modern social climate, the Confederacy ranks just below Nazis as far as being a despised military force. While I would wish that we could all handle our history a LOT more objectively, I’m just skeptical that this game will find an audience. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’ll play this game one day and the kids I’m playing rebel with won’t being saying terrible things while giggling.

Randy Savage

I’m unsure if there are enough players out there just chomping at the bit to play as the Confederacy

Have you not been on the internet in the past couple years?


I’m imagining MAGA hats everywhere on the confederacy side