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New War of Rights video shows off large-scale battle on updated Harpers Ferry map

In the latest episode of the George's Corner video from in-development American Civil War shooter War of Rights, Campfire Games Historical Advisor...

Latest War of Rights update introduces new Maryland Heights skirmish area

Campfire Games has just released the latest update for its game War of Rights, bringing bug fixes, graphical updates, and a brand-new...

Here’s what Civil War-themed MMO shooter War of Rights has been up to since Kickstarter

Two years ago, Civil War-flavored multiplayer shooter War of Rights raised $118,000 on Kickstarter to see the title to completion, at which...

Civil War multiplayer shooter War of Rights has been Kickstarted successfully

Civil War reenactment fans rejoice! War of Rights, the multiplayer shooter set in the Maryland Campaign of 1862, has reached its Kickstarter...