Kickstarted Civil War game War of Rights adds big guns, infantry flags, and anti-trolling measures


It’s been a good while since we last checked in on the controversial War of Rights, the Civil War battlefield simulator developed by Denmark-based Campfire Games. It’s currently priced at $30, although sometimes it goes on sale for a good portion off of that.

War of Rights went into Steam early access back in December 2018 after six years of development and a $118,000 Kickstarter, and it’s been plugging away ever since then with no announced launch date. The title is up to 173 updates in its testing phase, with the most recent arriving on March 17th. Some of the more notable changes and features made in the last half-year include performance upgrades, anti-trolling features, 50 “meticulously researched infantry flags,” and 12-pounder “Napoleon” cannons.

Also, friendly fire got a bit friendlier: “Firing a poorly aimed shot that ends up killing a bunch of friendlies will not get you immediately banned. The player pulling the lanyard will get notified of each teamkill committed. A popup warning will also be displayed to the player pulling the lanyard when the teamkill limit is getting close to the ban threshold.”

Source: Steam
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