The MOP Up: FFXIV tickles the ivories


One of the best (of many) features in Final Fantasy XIV is its amazing soundtrack. And just when you think you’ve heard it all, Square Enix surprises you with a new twist — such as a piano arrangement of the series that’s coming to stores on March 6th.

“Our music loving fans are always looking for more, and a piano arrangement has been long requested, so without further ado we’re pleased to announce the Piano Collections Final Fantasy XIV,” the studio said. “The collection will include piano tracks found on ‘From Astral to Umbral’ and ‘Duality,’ and also includes brand-new tracks that were recorded just for the album.”

This is just the beginning of the rest of the news! Read on for a roundup of other smaller MMO news stories and videos from this past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see a news story that we should have covered, drop us a tip)!

Put down your wallet and pick up Battlerite Royale, as this MOBA is launching as a free-to-play title on February 19th.

MapleStory 2’s first February update isn’t anything massive, but it is adding pet skin crafting, house blueprints, and bug fixes.

Long-running MMO Tibia is making some significant changes to its housing rent, benefiting players. Thanks Sahara Bob!

New Draconian equipment, costumes, and events are all part of Lineage 2 Revolutions’ latest update.

Find out what rewards you can earn in SWTOR’s 10th ranked season of PvP!

Want to get your hands on Lost Ark as soon as possible? We’ve heard word that the Russian version won’t be region-locked, so that’s an option1

A new player mod is taking the classic Diablo II and making it scads better (including modifying its engine to make it more modern).

There’s now more to do at War of Rights’ endgame than ever before — like signing treaties and reconstructing the South! OK, we made that last part up.

NetEase purchased a minority stake in Quantic Dream to help the company develop next-gen games.

Warface is heading to Chernobyl, so, you know, pack a radiation suit and have fun with that.

TERA is giving console customers a first look at all of the nifty features coming their way.

Mabinogi has a new mobile spin-off hitting the scene called Fantasy Life. There’s combat, yes, but also campfire singalongs and cow milking!

Fortnite made a few bug fixes. That is the most exciting sentence you’ll read all day. Savor it.

Magic: The Gathering Arena is throwing a $1 million invitational from MArch 28th through the 31st in Boston during PAX East.

Digital mobile card game Mythgard is now in alpha testing, so check it out and let us know what you think about it!

From now through the end of February, a new season of Skyforge’s Reaper Invasion is hitting the game.

Ready to get all smoochy in Final Fantasy XI? You’d better, because Valentine’s Day is here! Also, there’s a new patch to digest.

A Chinese-American model is slamming Tencent for allegedly using her likeness without permission to advertise a battle royale game.

One player is whipping up a batch of incredible-looking skins for Darkfall: Rise of Agoncheck them out!

Worlds Adrift is thanking its 45,000 supporters with a free key this week!

Amazon’s New World showed off a pair of outfits that you can earn/loot/make:

Here’s what’s coming in RuneScape this February:

Laby is getting a second job path in Elsword, and apparently that calls for a trailer to celebrate:

The Cycle’s dev team has a lot to say about Alpha VI in its latest stream:

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