Fractured isn’t letting the Unity/SpatialOS squabble get in the way of alpha testing


The drama between Unity and SpatialOS back in January seemed to hold dire possibilities for MMOs that were using both — such as the upcoming Fractured. Fortunately, the spat seems to have sizzled down, and Dynamight Studios said that plans for Alpha 1 testing this quarter are still a go.

Dynamight confirmed that Unity has reinstated the Improbable licenses, allowing Fractured to proceed as planned: “In the end, it was all just a big scare. We are still working with Unity, SpatialOS, and the awesome integration between the two that is allowing us to build an ambitious MMO like Fractured without a AAA-sized team!”

Even better than that, the studio has a lot to show of Fractured’s progress as of late. Six core biomes are being created for the continent of Myr, the 40 or so creatures have been given a wider array of attacks, characters have been “completely reworked,” and rudimentary versions of housing, land claiming, and character progression are being worked into the test build.

Source: Fractured. Thanks Panagiotis and Luvly!
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