Overwatch’s latest map, Busan, goes live today


Overwatch’s latest map, Busan, is live as of today. The new map, which is located on D.Va’s home turf of South Korea, may be familiar to players as the setting of the Shooting Star animated short that debuted at Gamescom 2018 last month. Busan is a control map where players will battle it out across multiple sections of the map which seem to encompass a traditional Korean temple, a high-tech mecha-production/storage facility, and a metropolitan cityscape. Blizzard has released a new teaser trailer that gives players a quick tour of the new battlegrounds.

In addition to adding Busan, the update also includes a new feature that allows cosmetic-hoarding players to filter their skins and other cosmetics by certain criteria to help them find the perfect outfit. Moreover, the patch brings a handful of tweaks and bug-fixes; especially of note is a fix that was making the critical damage of certain multi-shot skills (such as Genji’s shuriken) inconsistent.

If you’re not a current Overwatch player but want to see what all the fuss is about, now is the perfect time to jump into the game, as it’s currently featured in this month’s Humble Monthly Bundle. You can check out the new Busan trailer past the cut, or jump right into the game to take the new map for a spin yourself right now.


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Matthäus Wey

I really like the map although it lacks some color variation. Orange is great and everything until everything becomes orange and blue :D


I’ll wait for the train.



:D Excellent movie.