World of Warcraft opens Uldir Mythic and LFR, confirms no multiple items from Mythic+ reward chests


It’s been a week since World of Warcraft opened the doors to Battle for Azeroth’s first raid, Uldir, and that means it’s time for another round of unlocks. This week, players who have already blown through the challenges of Normal and Heroic Uldir and found them wanting will be able to test their skills in the Mythic version of the raid. Players who prefer their raid content to be more bite-sized and accessible are also in luck, as the LFR version of Uldir’s first wing, The Halls of Containment, is now open for business. If you’re planning to delve the depths of Uldir this week, Blizzard Watch has a handy guide to gearing up for, getting to, and ultimately conquering the raid’s bosses.

Meanwhile, in miscommunication land, WoW players may be somewhat disappointed when it comes time to crack open their weekly Mythic+ reward chests today. Although there have been multiple reports from BFA’s beta up through its launch that Mythic+ reward chests would have a chance to drop up to three pieces of gear, a tweet from Blizzard today confirms that each chest will contain only a single item. This has caused more than a little bit of frustration among the playerbase. As one Twitter user notes, “Articles have been published for months on this subject on your official sites and NOT ONCE did you bother to correct it until the day of it [becoming] actionable.” The devs have not issued any response to the outcry, and frankly, it seems unlikely that they will do so, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted nevertheless.


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Ben Stone

Given that Azurite gear cannot drop from Mythic+, only from the weekly chest I think it is essential that one piece is guaranteed in the weekly chest, along with a non-Azurite piece.

Vinnie travi

This is the most fun I have had with Wow. I have never been a big fan and I skipped Legion. I think that is why I like it so much, I havent played in years. WE finished Uldir on normal. I don’t know how they come up with these boss fights, so creative. So far so good


Really love this expansion. Some of the best moments in the life of WoW. Best looking art direction wise as well (my opinion of course). Looking forward to hitting new Raids!


Though there seems to be an added clarification to that Tweet in question from the link…

“For additional context and clarity: this change was made months ago, during the BfA Beta, in response to player feedback that a random chance for 1-3 items in the weekly M+ cache felt bad for players who only got 1 item. The cache has only rewarded one item since late June.”

…I guess they’re not saying the parrot is just resting, for what that’s worth. o.O